Reinvention is a blast. And free time is a beautiful thing.

I finally have a few moments to work on the blog and I’ve decided to end 2016 on a different note. There is a new look and a new format, as the blog is now specifically essay-based; both personal and photographic (and more written posts to come very soon). Let’s see how it goes, as this project seems to be constantly evolving. I’m starting the new photo category with a handful of images of California’s Sonoma County and the Monterey Coast. 

In 2016 we have witnessed upheaval, bitterness, loss, and even cruelty. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. However, I recently found solace and inspiration from the following quote:

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous” – Aristotle

I hope to marvel every day. 

















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  1. Hey! I am sorry I didn’t see you while you were out here. Looks like a beautiful trip. Did you make it to point Lobos?

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    1. Hi there! We were in Monterey for a conference for a good portion of the trip so we were a little limited. But we loved it! Hope you and your family are well!

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