The Third Wheel in Mexico

On a lazy, hazy Mexican afternoon I sipped my drink, perched in a shaded chair at the beach near my husband, watching the birds bounce around the crooked branches above my head. It was a quiet day, and the only noise was the chirping coming from above and the crashing of waves on the beach.

Suddenly I had the odd sensation that it was not just the two of us enjoying the peaceful shoreline.

I was right.

I turned around and found my husband, once again, pointing that teenie weenie camera up in the air, a familiar satisfied smirk on his face reserved for only one thing in his life…

You see, my husband has a mistress. And her name is GoPro.

When we ride our bikes through town, it is GoPro that is lovingly placed onto the handlebars of his bike. GoPro is constantly caressed and fondled during this scenic ride by beaches, sea eagle’s nests and egrets – with me behind them, struggling to peddle a bike with a broken chain.

When the mile-long sand bar appears just before noon, it is GoPro that frolics with my husband. They take a romantic beach walk together, interrupted by the occasional refreshing dip in the crystal clear turquoise water.

My husband whispers sweet nothings to GoPro. When getting ready for a night out, I overhear distant, soft words being uttered to GoPro out on the terrace. I watch, spying on the two of them from behind the curtains. He giggles while he observes a passing Iguana with his camera-mistress.

In the evening there is a stunning sunset. My husband and GoPro are in a trace, hypnotized by the vibrant reds, reflected in a perfect column on the water.

GoPro and my husband wander the town square after dark, me trailing behind. They decide to get fresh churros and watch together as their dessert is being prepared by hand.

“Con azucar, por favor…..” he smiles and gazes lovingly at GoPro.

We wander back to the hotel. My husband and GoPro ask me to hold up a moment, they would like to catch a glimpse of the candles flickering in the moonlit lounge at the hotel. I wait patiently while they have a special moment together.

Later, faces washed and teeth brushed, we prepare for bed. GoPro is powered down and placed, ever so lovingly on the bed stand, just to the right of his pillow.

My husband murmurs “Good night, sweet girl…”

I only hope he is referring to me.


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  1. Judith Englander John Echternach says:

    Tres charmante! Merci!!! 🙂

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  2. Wow gorgeous pictures!

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  3. Ahh… just the three of you. Very funny stuff. 😀

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